So, my name is Alexander and I’m an actor.

If this sounds vaguely confessional, it’s because I’m that most heinous of things in any industry; an amateur.

My resume currently consists of a community event commercial that I don’t even know made it to air, a small pantomime, two Shakespeare productions, and a production of the most depressing and cathartic play I have ever encountered. Another Shakespeare is on the horizon.

Acting is the only thing that has ever made sense to me – it’s an old joke that I am so easy for recognition I was only ever going to be an actor or a serial killer. I said an old joke, not a good one. It’s a complete contradiction – finding something true by lying about who you are, but then I’ve always been about contradictions.

This blog/diary/what-have-you is an attempt to organise my efforts and try and commit to what I hope will resolve itself into a career, rather than an expensive hobby.



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