My name is Alexander and I’m an actor.

Yes, I know the about section starts the same way, but that pretty much sums up what this blog is going to be about/for/etc. I can’t just keep holding family members hostage with conversational epics about my latest forays on the stage. So, shouting into the void it is.

The essentials, I suppose.

  • I was born and live in the North-West of England. My website address is pronounced ‘woolly back’ and if you google that, you’ll have a good idea of the are of the North-West I’m from.
  • I am a sponge. Too many hours spent watching random documentaries, QI, or pissing about on Wikipedia. I know a little about a lot, and it’s almost entirely useless. Does anyone need to know that, as legend would have it, Pythagoras died because of beans? No, I didn’t think so.
  • I enjoy oddly medieval pursuits – archery, knitting, riding, weaponry. I’d enjoy more if I had the money or time; I’ve always wanted to try falconry or jousting. I also enjoy video games, writing poetry, chasing my niece around various pieces of furniture, and four inch heels. I am not tall.
  • I do a bit of modelling, all on a trade for print basis, because I think it’s a useful skill and, honestly, I enjoy it. I’ve done a bit of life modelling, as well, though that’s less enjoyment and more exercising my own stubbornness.
  • My eyes are green and my smile is wide; all else is subject to change, really.



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